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De Hua Materials Testing (Holdings) Co., Ltd. together with French partner has successfully acquired 100 percent of Sonatest group, including the subsidiaries in UK, USA and Canada. Norman Ng, Chairman and CEO of De Hua Materials Testing Co., Ltd. is a director of Sonatest NDE, Ltd and Inc.

De Hua Materials Testing Co., Ltd. is the sole agent of the latest state-of-art scientific instruments and equipment of many reputable international brands, particularly in non-destructive testing and materiallography. We supply materials testing equipment, including x-ray, gamma ray, ultrasonic, eddy current, leakage flux, magnetic particles, dye penetration, acoustic emission testing instruments and machines, endoscopes, microscopes, image analyzing systems, micro-hardness testers, spectrometer, steel plant chamfering, sample preparation machines and other laboratory facilities. 

All these years we have been providing testing equipment and techniques to various significant industries, such as aerospace, petrochemical, shipbuilding, metallurgy, railway, and nuclear, conventional power, ammunition supplies, telecommunication and research institutions as well as to large infrastructure projects.

Materials Testing provides assurance of product quality while there is perception that it simply generates additional cost. Contrary to the argument on extra cost, quality assurance actually offers a considerable cost saving potential. Here are some key benefits you can count on after optimizing production sequence, enhancing economic efficiency, minimizing risk of failure and increasing equipment service life. 

Reputation - as a result of the devoting efforts, De Hua has cultivated a reputation as a leading expert in the field with recognition from P.R.China, European Union, U.S.A, Japan and worldwide.

Experience - our management of sales and technical personnel having more than 2 decades of China-trade experience and expertise knowledge in the materials testing industry.

Leadership - since the company's inception, De Hua has succeeded in maintaining reputation with recognized capabilities through quality products and services. To remain the prominent position, we continue to reinvest large portions of revenue in delivering the most advanced user-friendly equipment and professional service.

Integrated Support - The company is headquartered in Hong Kong with its offices and service centers distributed in major areas in China, including Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu,Shenyang, Xinjiang and Xian. When technical support is required, our dedicated staff of engineers and technicians are ready to deliver timely and reliable service.

Quality Control - Customers are entitled to be sure that any product purchased from our company meets stringent international quality standards as we and our suppliers have been fully certified to ISO quality assurance standard.

Online Information - the company's web-site removes the constraint of distance and time by providing visitors with the latest online product information and technology.

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